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Above, you can read the book on this website or click on the button below to download in its intended PDF format in high definition. You can download by "right click, save as" on the button to download to your computer. Also available on Facebook.

This "excavated" book edition of the Hammond Memoir unearths the entire story as told by John Hammond himself. Using the original script by Austin Grossman and setting it into the storytelling narrative, you can read the complete experience of Hammond's tale.

The book is enhanced with exclusive, brilliant illustrations by 
Felipe Humboldt that enhance Hammond's old recollections. Over 100 pages long, the book feels as if it had really been put together by John Hammond himself.

I encourage people to make translations of this book. All I ask is that you retain the original credits and not alter any other content of the book. Contact me with any questions, and I will possibly feature any translated versions on this site if they are made.

For an alternative experience, please check out the audio program or video program of this "Definitive Edition". To hear the unedited audio files, download the preserved recordings.


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