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"Jurassic Park had groundbreaking special effects" is a phrase often heard when discussing the film. So often, in fact, that it seems to overshadow almost everything else about its production. As beautifully detailed and complex the computer graphics and animatronics were, there was so much more that captured the imagination of its viewers. The idea of a park filled with dinosaurs, and the complexities behind it, plagued the minds of its vast audience.

The basic premise of Steven Spielberg's film, based upon Michael Crichton's novel, made the filmmakers work overtime in detailing just how unique it could be. Many ideas were considered, existing in a limbo between the novel and the film that scarcely anyone knew about. This exploratory phase of pre-production was casually skimmed over with little details in most of the film's official literature and documentaries.

This site hopes to change all that.

"Jurassic Time" has a dual meaning. For online Jurassic Park fans of the last decade, they may recall it as the title of an audiobook-style memoir for John Parker Hammond (the fictional creator of Jurassic Park); using exhumed files of a failed computer game with actual dialogue from actor Richard Attenborough. Its main purpose was to rescue a performance from being lost to time. That same purpose is now applied to a myriad of files and memoirs I have cobbled together on these incredible ideas the filmmakers had for the original film.

"Jurassic Memoirs" showcases just what ideas could have been realized if they had survived through production, along with other aspects of the original film and more. They are described with either personal recollections from people involved in the production, visual and audio displays of information, or written articles. This way, the memories of this glossed-over aspect of the most popular dinosaur film series of all time can be preserved. Several resources are also available.


The biggest and most dramatic presentation on this site that combines all of these factors together is "Rick Carter's Jurassic Park": an early version of Jurassic Park from production designer Rick Carter's adaptation of Michael Crichton's final draft screenplay, brought to life in an entertaining illustrated audio drama! It's an exciting production you won't want to miss.


Dozens of videos, loaded with exclusive images, are available at the YouTube Channel. Many of the original programs have also been adapted into audio-only versions that can be heard in the podcast. Additional archival programs are available at the Internet Archive.


During Jurassic Park's 30th anniversary in 2023, I was asked to consult on its Official Script Book for Insight Editions. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Everything Jurassic Time has stood for led to me being involved with this monumental publication. Several materials I had found over the years, along with my own insights, enhanced the book’s content. I have written my own article detailing the book itself, along with a video that showcases it in an entertaining way.

I hope you enjoy the content of this site. It is here for all to be entertained and educated by. You may never look at Jurassic Park the same way again...


-Derrick Davis, Creator of Jurassic Time


Derrick Davis' interests are also on display in various media. This includes his website that features his upcoming science fiction adventure novel 'Invertiverse'He has also written several articles & reviews for the popular website Jurassic Outpost. Special consultation work was also provided for several unique products, including Jurassic Park: The Official Script Book for Insight Editions.

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