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Download the complete soundtrack and the composer's original promotional album for the game.

- Preserved Hammond Recordings (WAV)
The entire unedited available recordings of Richard Attenborough’s performance of John Parker Hammond from the game, as used in the Hammond Memoir.

- Original Hammond Script (PDF)
A very special gift from Austin Grossman, the writer of Trespasser, are scans of the entire original script for John Hammond. According to him, this was the actual script actor Richard Attenborough used when recording his dialogue! This script also contains close to 80 sets of unrecorded dialogue that were used to help shape the Hammond Memoir "Excavated" book. It features hand-written notes on a number of the pages. Truly a fascinating and treasured relic for fans of Trespasser and the Hammond Memoir.

- Hammond Recorded Script (DOC)
This script seems like it is a text version of the script above, but it is actually the one the developers of the game likely referred to for only the recorded dialogue, since none of the unrecorded dialogue is present in this document. While it is something that is perhaps to be glossed over in comparison, the numbers associated with the recorded dialogue are actually in reference to how they are labeled (in one way) in the game itself.

- Anne Script (DOC)
This text script is for the character of "Anne", voiced by Minnie Driver, the playable character in the game. This includes all of her dialogue, the placement in the game, and even the relation to dialogue from Hammond. What's really interesting is that there are actually dated text areas (when you hover the mouse over them) that show you who added dialogue in and when. It's not clear if this was the script Minnie Driver read from, or if there was originally more dialogue for her, but this is the closest we have to an actual script for the character.

- Original Walkthrough 08-01-1997 (DOC)
Perhaps the most fascinating document of them all is this original walkthrough of the game written about a year before completion. It features quite a different set of events that were meant to happen in the game, including levels that were scrapped entirely. At about 25 pages in length, it is a fairly detailed look at what the game could have been.

- Secrets (Used and Unused) (DOC)
A brief document on various secrets, or "easter eggs" they intended to possibly create for the game. Very few of these came to be, and many of the ones they thought up would have been interesting, and even amusing, to have seen.

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