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These "Jurassic Memoirs" are exclusive materials related to the creation of the JURASSIC PARK films, featuring unique content in the form of video interviews, programs, articles, and more.


Various interviews with key people involved with the Jurassic franchise, conducted by Derrick Davis and friends.

Exclusive videos created using various storyboards from JURASSIC PARK.

Explore the 'Advance Reader's Edition' of Crichton's original novel and other interesting variants. Then, go deep into Crichton's screenplay drafts, as he adapts his own novel into a feature film.

A brief look at the many different deaths planned for John Hammond... until they decided not to kill him at all.

Several select original production assets as they were, and sometimes in various forms, to educate and give a unfiltered look. Includes photos, scripts, and other rare documents.

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