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Fans of Trespasser may be led to believe that Richard Attenborrough's collaboration with the game was unique. However, this is not quite accurate. Back in 1997, a year before Trespasser was released, another game was put on store shelves that captivated fans of Jurassic Park on a whole different level of fun: Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Loosely based on the events from the second film, the game was a mission-based, WarCraft-esque, dinosaur-infested strategy adventure. It's main goal was to get the main characters from the film through various tasks before leaving the troubled island. Along the way the player would come across many of the dinosaurs from the film, but also constantly be harassed by hunters. The player would not only be able to play humans, but dinosaurs as well (thanks to a "special DNA serum" used to hatch your own dinosaurs that can be controlled). What made this game so unique, even today, was not it's story or fun use of the strategy format, but the fact it had the same actors who portrayed their roles in the film do so in the game as well! Among the actors, of course, was Richard Attenborough.


Many people have fond memories of this simple yet fun game that came out around the same time The Lost World: Jurassic Park did. I myself am one of those people, and have always been entertained by it's fun version of the film's story, with the actors clearly having a good time with their voice acting talents. In fact, the John Hammond portrayed in this game is far more like the easy-going millionaire we all know and love from the films, rather than the more solemn man we know from his Hammond Memoir. Although Hammond is not the main star of Chaos Island (most of the dialogue goes to Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm character), his performance here should not be missed, as well as everyone else's. It's very rare for a game version of a popular film to feature the same cast doing new work with their same characters. The only other game I can think of that has done this to the extent of Chaos Island was the new Ghostbusters video game.


As a fan of Chaos Island and it's unique use of voice talent, I have decided to not let their performances be forgotten and be available for all to hear in a audio presentation. Using Remdul's game editing tool (available from his great fansite), I was able to assemble the mission briefing, video clip, journal, and other sound bytes to create what I have called: "Total Chaos". About 30 minutes long, it chronicles the story of the game simply as it had played out, inter-cut with Ian Malcolm's journal. In addition to that, there is a bonus track using music from the game (composed by Michael Giacchino, who ended up composing the Jurassic World scores) overlayed with other audio sound bytes. Although this presentation was nowhere near as challenging as the Hammond Memoir, it was done purely for fun and to have something to remember the game by.

I hope you enjoy it.

Watch edited footage of the game directly at YouTube

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