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After the acclaim of the Hammond Memoir, many fans wanted yet another experience in the same engaging style. However, Hammond’s story was done. I had cobbled together every single line of dialogue he had in the game, and eventually even more additional features. What story was there left to tell? Well, there was one other character in the game that had a story: Anne, the woman marooned on Site B, left to fight for her life across an island full of dinosaurs.

Many years ago, a grand audio adventure was to be made in an old-time radio-style; using sound effects, music, and dialogue from the game. With no visuals at all, the listener was either reminded of the best moments from the game or taken through them for the first time in a way no one had ever experienced while presenting most of the wonderful dialogue of Anne, performed magnificently by Minnie Driver. Some of the moments from the Hammond Memoir would be seeded throughout to complete the story. In the end, it was to become a atmospheric yet fast-paced adventure to assault the ears. However, after some tests were made of what was to be accomplished, it became unsatisfying and ultimately frustrating. There simply wasn't enough material to work with to make the project have any real cohesion or without it becoming awkward. It was simply like listening to someone play a game and reacting to things.

However, in light of wanting to have some kind of keepsake of Minnie Driver's performance, it had been decided to make a brief, 12 minute version. It didn't feature any sound effects, just dialogue sometimes set to music like the Hammond Memoir. It was called "Jurassic Trek: The Anne Tribute". After only being available for about a couple years, it quietly disappeared without being missed. This was due to further dissatisfaction with even the shortened end product.

Some ideas of course never die. Anne finally made a permanent appearance as part of The Hammond Memoir's Definitive Edition in 2021 as a bookend for newly-created tracks that featured "Hammond's Lost Diary". While she only appears for about 5 minutes, it was a satisfying way to include a mini-version of her story's most interesting parts, using higher quality files that were previously unavailable.

However, it's been about a decade since the original tribute was made, and nostalgia of course is a funny thing. So, here are the remains of a failed project that could just never quite stick the landing. Enjoy it for what it is; but it is understandable if you don't. Perhaps a better attempt could still be made, but you won't find it on this site unless it is donated by someone else with the creative energy for it.

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