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Jurassic Time Original Version Videos

Jurassic Time Original Version Videos

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Original Version Videos

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The very first "Original Version" of the Hammond Memoir ever created, back in 2007. The way it was mixed and edited resulted in a much inferior product than the latter versions. It also doesn't include any of the recorded dialogue from the beta version of the game, because it had not been discovered yet. But for some, this is still the classic version of the audio memoir.

Above is the download, in ZIP format, of the entire original audio memoir, and includes special CD covers by Roy Govier. The videos above were made by Zoltán Jenkei, aka "Hundolos" (excl. "Hammond's Diskette", which was created by Derrick Davis). They have since all been replaced by the Definitive Edition's video program, but they are still a joy to see with creative use of Trespasser's locations. There is also a PDF book version made by Zoltán.

Back in 2010, "Version 2.0" of the Hammond Memoir was created to present a better mixed and modified experience of the "Original Version". However, the biggest reason of its creation was to include dialogue that was discovered in the beta version of the game; the remaining missing recorded dialogue from Hammond. While most of the music was still from inferior sources, this version of the memoir was still a great upgrade from the original.

Above is the download, in ZIP format, of the entire Version 2.0 audio memoir. Also included is a PDF book for this version made by Zoltán Jenkei.

The "Annotated Edition" of the Hammond Memoir was a unique experience that expands the story of John Hammond. Created in 2013, it uses the complete audio from the game interwoven with a new character created just for this edition: Thomas Hammond (performed by Jack Anthony Ewins). The character's tracks explain more of the story, in his words and readings, based on the original script. During these tracks are original music by Derrick Davis, arranged and performed by Bernard A. Kyer. Mixing the genius original story with a dose of fan-creation, this is a very unique edition. At the same time, additional sound effects were mixed into John Hammond's tracks to enhance them; often times taking center stage. This new inclusion was especially appreciated by people who heard it. While Jack, Bernard, and I put much work and effort into this edition; time can sometimes reveal the flaws of an end-product. I am very proud of what we created, and many people seemed to enjoy the results. However, the more I listened to it, the less "authentic" it felt. I personally don't stand by this as the "definitive" one I would listen to.

The "Excavated Book- Original Edition" was made during this time. Using the original script by Austin Grossman, and setting it into the storytelling narrative, it was the first complete experience of Hammond's tale. Unlike the current version, this 80 page book was enhanced with exclusive photographs edited from the game Trespasser itself. It was made to look more like a scrapbook in tone. While the current version is more visually stunning with its hand-drawn imagery, this original version is still a delight despite missing newly-added details.

The "Gold Edition" was created in 2015 to celebrate the release of the first new Jurassic Park film in 14 years: Jurassic World. Instead of making an all-new edition, I decided to truncate the previous "Annotated Edition" and simply focus on its version of the John Hammond tracks; like the prior editions had. The only new tracks came in the form of a opening and closing track designed to make the listener believe the story is being told through the form of an old cassette tape.

2017 was a special year: the 10th anniversary of the "Original Version" of the Hammond Memoir. Hence, to celebrate, this edition was dubbed the "Anniversary Edition". It wasn't made merely to capitalize on the event. Thanks to the discovery of a source that contained Attenborough's recordings, without its misty "echo/memory effects" that plagued the original and beta game files, we were able to hear the performance clearly for the very first time. It was important to me to create a new version all over again, from the ground up, in order to preserve the best quality of his performance in the same entertaining way. Due to wanting to focus only on the voice, no additional sound effects were included except in two brief moments and the ones mixed in by the game designers. Newly-created bonus tracks were also included to open and close the presentation.

This was meant to be my final edition of the memoir, but over the time since it was released people were a little disappointed by the lack of sound effects since they had been included in the "Annotated/Gold Editions". Despite the upgrade in Hammond's voice (the most important part), some felt slighted as if it had regressed. Time and priorities were not focused on undertaking the time consuming task of implementing sound effects yet again, so I didn't ever see myself giving in to their desires (which, the more I think about it, were kind of mine, too). But then, the quarantine of 2020 happened, and suddenly there was time to revisit this edition and implement sound effects again. The "Definitive Edition" was created, which also made other little adjustments to the already-existing tracks.

Unlike the other previous editions, which used degraded sources for the most part, the "Anniversary Edition" was made with mostly high definition or high quality sources. Therefore, both MP3 and FLAC versions of this edition are still available. If you want less sound effects and more focus on the voice, this version is almost just as good as the "Definitive" one and worth keeping around.

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