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Tim Lawrence's Early T-Rex Concept Photo Album was originally won at an online auction by Derrick Davis in April 2017. It included 38 behind the scenes photographs of Tim's sculptures and skull reference for early T-Rex expression-range maquettes: ‘Curious’ and ‘Furious’. The skull used for reference was a fiberglass, full-size casting of a T-Rex fossil skull from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The album also included a crew photo with a full-size mockup at Universal Studios; featuring Steven Spielberg, Rick Carter, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall. Lawrence's Snark Safari Studios took on the creation of the early version of the T-Rex in June 1990, very early in pre-production. After a production hiatus, Stan Winston Studios took over the job instead. The album was scanned for digital preservation, and made available here for research purposes.

All photographs are available as .zip downloads for each category below. You can also view them in Jurassic Time's Facebook albums.

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