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Above, you can either download the music in high-quality MP3 or in lossless FLAC audio. Each set comes with a complete "Credits" document in PDF format, and are packaged in ZIP format.

Music plays a huge part in all versions of Hammond's Memoir. It sets the tone and a lot of the pacing of the dialogue to give the listener a cinematic and atmospheric experience.


Featured in all versions is the incredible score from Trespasser, composed by Bill Brown. It was a score that was ahead of its time for a video game and truly invokes the spirit of the John Williams Jurassic Park scores, particularly The Lost World. To hear that score, visit the link to the page below: 

Despite the majority of the music being from Trespasser, there were three tracks made just for the Hammond Memoir. "Fall Of An Empire" features a theme created by Derrick Davis, arranged and performed by Bernard Kyer. "A Lost World" was composed and performed by Bernard Kyer. And the third track, "Hammond's Requiem" (also heard on its own in the "Definitive Edition"), features the classic John Williams Jurassic Park/Lost World themes and Bill Brown's Trespasser theme, arranged and performed by Bernard Kyer. While only about 9 minutes of music, this original content has become a memorable identity of the Hammond Memoir. Tracklist is available below.

Note: Additional music was once created to accompany the "Annotated" edition. The additional music were themes by Derrick Davis, arranged and performed by Bernard Kyer. These additional tracks were actually associated with a novel Derrick Davis wrote: Invertiverse. While at the time it was thought to have been fun to have the music/versions of those themes in an edition of the Hammond Memoir, it was later decided to divorce them from each other and are no longer available for download.


01- Fall Of An Empire (2:20)
02- A Lost World (1:26)
03- Hammond's Requiem (5:11)

Total Time: 08:57

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